Have you ever been to a shooting range praha? If so, I`m not surprised. The shooting range is a lot of fun, and you can also learn to shoot at a target. It`s not entirely easy, but if you have patience and a willingness to learn everything, you can do it. But you have to concentrate well and not give up right at the beginning. You don`t have to worry, because the instructors at the shooting range will show you everything and explain what to do and how to do it. Many people condemn target shooting as a hobby. But why? Shooting is a hobby like any other, only society labelled it as something „weird“ and since then it has not been talked about.


That`s a shame though, because target shooting can teach you so many things. For example, patience and focus if you have a problem with that. You will learn everything in time, don`t worry. I also wanted to know how to shoot as a little girl and I learned to shoot at a target with my grandfather and it was fun. Over time I started to enjoy it and now I shoot professionally, which is great. I have improved a lot in shooting, and I am happy about it. I`ve wanted to be a police officer since I was little, and I hope it comes true. Shooting might come in handy if I become a police officer and pass my exams. It`s in the stars. Every day at target shooting I discover something new and learn something new.


It`s interesting how shooting absorbed me and became fun. Who would have said that to me – I always thought that target shooting was a huge bore, but it`s the exact opposite and I really enjoy it. Everyone should have a hobby, be it target shooting, singing, dancing, music in general, just anything…life without hobbies would be pretty boring. And I think you have the same opinion about it. So let me know. Everyone has something that they enjoy and that actually helps them realize and improve themselves. There is always room for improvement, but by working on ourselves we can achieve great things.